The Review: Jill Scott Shines as The Light Of The Sun

The sunlight is the Earth primary source of energy. The light of the sun is very bright, and looking directly into the sunlight can cause some temporary blindness and damage because of the eye’s inability to respond properly to its brightness. The ultraviolet light that radiates from the sun has antiseptic elements that can be used to sanitize tools and water. Nearly all of the existence of life on Earth is dependent on the light of the sun. Plants, animals and humans could not survive without the light of the sun. The sunlight does not only provide the primary energy source for life’s survival, but it also provides illumination and light for things to be seen in clear view. It is the necessary functionality and brightness of the sunlight that makes it the ultimate source of life here on Earth. It is for this reason that is makes such a profound statement to name a musical anthology The Light Of The Sun. To truly understand the message within the staccato hi-hats and the elongated chord progressions, you must not move so quickly into listening to the music without understanding its title. More importantly, you cannot truly judge or assess the material by what is chosen to be heard by radio station programmers and music television producers. The source of soulful energy that emits from this album may be found in the shadows of the sunrise of the records compiled… Let’s sit at the edge of this musical plateau and look closely as the sunrise of Grammy award winning singer/songwriter Jill Scott shines as The Light Of The Sun.

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The Review: The Single Harmony of J*DaVeY

When you think of a complex delectable mixture, you think about something that is composed of organic and exotic ingredients, combined in such a way that the individual ingredients and detected to the senses, but they blend in such an well balanced and harmonious way that you would not dream of such bold and individual ingredients marrying well together. It is this quality that makes the combination so desirable and delectable. The magical fortune to have such a meeting of such different and pure components to unify and in a combination where they are individual, and yet one at the same time is such a treasure. It is extremely rare, and almost never seen in the language of music where such a combination can be found and be of quality. It is unbelievably difficult to combine different styles of organic and completely different components of music can somehow create a unique sound where you are able to hear the distinctive sounds separately, and yet they blend together. Well… I plan to unveil that complex mixture to your eyes as we examine a double EP by one of Los Angeles’ most heralded unsigned musical phenoms with their own sound… Let’s take a look at J*DaVeY and their double EP Evil Christian Cop / Boudoir Synema: The Great Mistapes.

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The Review: Ledisi Puts The Pieces of Her Puzzle Together

A puzzle is constructed of many pieces that come in different shapes and sizes, but they all conjoin to reveal a bigger picture. Each piece is significant, for without it you will not see the entire picture. A missing piece is a void in the overall overview of what the pieces are meant to show. Some pieces maybe larger than others, but one thing is certain: No matter how small or large the piece is, without it you can’t know what the whole puzzle is supposed to be. This revelation should indicate that what you believe is insignificant about you holds just as much value to who you are as the largest and most important thing about you. Although it may be hard to see the individual pieces of a person when they are all put together, those individual curves and shapes about you can find ways to bring light to their individual value. Whether it’s in the way you walk, how you hold your head high, they way you speak, how you stand, where you go or they way you love. The pieces of you are the dynamic that make you. Well… there is a beautiful and anointed soul created by God who uses her gift of song to speak about those individual pieces that make whole picture that we call Ledisi… So let’s examine Ledisi and her new musical composition… Pieces Of Me.

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