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SoulArtistryMedia.com is the social, digital and intellectual information atmosphere to experience and learn about the art that is created from the soul. This media gateway is here to give you access into the soul community’s experience and landscape in the world of art. This will be the place where you will find information, stories, music, and events about the art you have wanted to know about, but the traditional media outlets will not put in front of you. You will find out about all aspects of soul, not just the music or the artist. Here you will find information on who, what, where, and how this culture is shaped and cultivated. We are here to open your eyes into this culture of soul and all of its creativity. From film to theatre, music to cuisine, all genres and all aspects, and from in front of the camera to behind the scenes; SoulArtistryMedia.com wants to be your gateway to soul, your access pass into the gala of art, and your headphones to the sound of soul.

We want to bring you into a place that is often referred to as The Underground. The community where creativity still lives and where you will find the most interesting and artistic people you have ever met. The soul is the self-cognizant entity unique to every being. It is what life comes through, it is where life is communicated from, and it is the holistic and governing center of where purpose, passion, and spirituality house their office of operations. One definition of soul states that it’s the immaterial part of a person; the actuating cause of an individual life. (WordNet 3.0) A profound definition of art states that it’s the conscious production or arrangement of sounds, colors, forms, movements, or other elements in a manner that affects the sense of beauty, specifically the production of the beautiful in a graphic or plastic medium. (thefreedictionary.com) Art can be seen as literal and abstract, but the affect and reaction it can invoke will illuminate all senses and is emotional, mental and spiritual. Art is all around us. From the things that we see, smell, hear, feel, and taste; the arrangement of the components used to create the product that communicates to our senses is art. Soul Artistry is the combination of the art that speaks or communicated to the soul, that moves you in ways tangible things cannot. SoulArtistryMedia.com is the door to that communication, the living room to the home that houses this culture of art and expression. We want to take you deep into this culture and experience all that it has to offer. So, don’t be afraid to stop by and perused through this medium and feed your soul. Whether musically or literarily, feed your thirst for honest entertainment and food for the soul…

Soul music is Life Music, it is Life’s Song. – James A. Bing Jr.

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