The Music: Jaw Jam’s Single “The Truth”

Here is the title track from New Jersey producer / DJ Jaw Jam’s release The Truth EP that dropped on May 6th.  You can get the whole EP at…m-the-truth

The Music: Jesse Boykins III “Sparks” Coldplay Justice

Here’s another single from the upcoming EP P.O.P called “Sparks” a cover of the Coldplay original

The Music: Tortured Soul Vs Black Coffee – I Know What’s On Your Mind (Ethan White Remix)

Tortured Soul is coming out with a new project called Undercover Remixes, a project that has some of their famous hits remixed as well as new songs to jam to. Here’s one with legendary DJ/producer Black Coffee called “I Know What’s On Your Mind”…

The Music: Dezaray Dawn Is “Brand New”

New Single from vocalist Dezaray Dawn produced by David Adams called “Brand New”…get it while you can…

The Review: Zo!’s New Album Is More Than ManMade

                Man Made can have many different meanings and connotations depending on your perspective.  One may say something is Man Made if it’s created by the hands of a human, and not something that is naturally found in the earth or created by natural occurrences.  One could also think of Man Made as being something of a success that was created by them, nothing handed down to them or inherited and without any assistance. You can also look at Man Made as being something that is non-artificial, anti-synthetic and completely organic. It can be something totally derived from the human existence, not android driven or digitally enhanced, but merely conceived and created from the mind and molded from the hand. Man Made can induce the idea of something constructed out of a raw material and molded shaped and formed without the use of machines, robotic instruments or automated processes. Man Made can just mean original, nothing sampled, nothing copied, and nothing regurgitated or remixed, but completely made from scratch.  When you look at the new musical offering from pianist and producer Lorenzo “Zo!” Ferguson; ManMade, you realize that his approach to this album would encompass many of the definitions listed above.  There were many questions raised lyrically, thanks to the pen of Phonte Coleman aka Phontigallo, but one thing that is not in question, and that is the originality of the musical production. So, let’s take a look into the record, which maybe the best organic R&B experience to hit the music shelves and digital outlets in 2013

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The Experience [ATL]: Funk Jazz Café Is Back!! Bigger Than Ever…

The legendary Funk Jazz Kafé, Atlanta’s internationally known event that exposed people to artists from Jill Scott to Eric Roberson, Erykah Badu to PJ Morton, Public Enemy to Goodie Mob and so much more… It’s back!!! Friday, July 12th Jason Orr, creator of Funk Jazz Kafé will show his documentary on the legendary event at the South West Arts Center. Saturday, Funk Jazz Kafé will commence at Tabernacle starting at 8pm… You don’t want to miss the return of this historic musical and art experience… 

The Picture: Yasin Bey Experiences Force Feeding Guantanamo Bey Style

Watch the powerful video of Yasin Bey going through the Guantanamo Bay force feeding standard procedures… Amazing…


The Music: Chanté Moore Drops New Single “Talking In My Sleep”

 photo ChanteMoore2HiRes.jpg

Chanté signs with a new label Shanachie Entertainment; and releases a new single for her upcoming LP Moore is More, called “Talking In My Sleep”. The new album is to drop on July 31, 2013…check out the new single below…

The Music: Haziq Ali + Raheem DeVaughn = “I Don’t Care”

 photo Haziq.jpg

New single from upcoming artist Haziq Ali called “I Don’t Care” featuring soul singer/songwriter Raheem DeVaughn

The Picture: Janelle Monae Releases New Video For “Dance Apocalyptic”

Check out the latest video release from Janelle Monae for her latest single “Dance Apocalyptic”

The Music: [EXCLUSIVE] Jermaine Mobley + Eric Roberson = “We Can’t Finish”

 photo Hardsoulflag.jpg

Soul Artistry Media EXCLUSIVE! Famed producer Jermaine Mobley, who’s produced songs for Carl Thomas, Musiq Soulchild, Lathun and fellow Howard University alumn Eric Roberson, has teamed up again with him to produce a Summer Jam for 2013 called “We Can’t Finish”, and you can hear it here first!!! This is the first Soul Artistry Media exclusive, and what a way to start your 4th of July weekend… Check out “We Can’t Finish” below…

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