The Music: Eric Roberson Is An Artist You “Can’t Get Enough” Of…

Just when you think you know and remember every song of your favorite artist, sometimes you come across a record that just reminds you of how great they really are… Here’s a smooth record by Eric Roberson called “Can’t Get Enough” that will surely mellow your mood just right…

The Music: Justin Timberlake + Jay-Z + Ta-ku = Suit & Tie Remix (Best of Spring)

Track artwork

I have to admit, I didn’t really jump on this song like most did when it dropped…but I tell you, Ta-ku’s remix of Justin Timberlake’s latest single “Suit & Tie” featuring Jay-Z might be my new summer jam…check this out…

The Music: AAries Tells You To “Don’t Give It Up”

Loving this single from the Philadelphia soul twins AAries called “Don’t Give It Up”, released on Reel People Music… DOPE!

The Music: Reel People + Tony Momrelle + Imaani = “Amazing”

I love Tony Momrelle’s vocals…reminds so many as well as myself of a young Stevie Wonder, and everytime he connects with legendary band Reel People, it’s always a hit. Check out this single by Reel People featuring Tony Momrelle and Imaani called “Amazing”, a live Maida Vale BBC Session

The Music: India Arie Is Back With Her New Single “Cocoa Butter”

India Arie is BACK!!! India has just released a new single into the airwaves as a reminder that she’s still her, and still creating great music… Check out “Cocoa Butter”…real sexy

The Music: Diction Says The “Love Keeps Going”

CDICTION’s avatar

Young hip hop artist Diction has a track called “Love Keeps Going” featuring N.I.K.K.A da Jukebok… This joint is such a easy listen… I got this joint a while ago, so I’m sorry for not putting you on to this earlier…better late than never…

The Picture: Raheem DeVaughn Makes A “Love Connection”

Check out Raheem Devaughn’s new video for his latest single, “Love Connection”…. Loving this…

The Picture: Questlove & D’Angelo SuperJam: Origins: Bonnaroo365

It’s always great to get the “behind the scenes” look at amazing talent, especially when you combine ?uestlove and D’Angelo on the same stage. Check out the origins of the story behind D’Angelo’s return to music, the 1st installment…

The Review: Bilal’s A Love Surreal Is His Best Album Yet

Bilal is no stranger to the music world.  His talent has been praised from the underground and hailed from the top of the musical aristocracy as far as his vocal talent, musicianship and his songwriting.  Some have dubbed the young artist as the greatest vocal talent of his generation.  If you have ever watched him live or had the pleasure of hearing him perform, many will agree that vocally he can be unmatched with this extreme vocal range, complex vocal texture abilities and the capability to hit any note at any time.  Although he was signed to a major label record company, he garnered one of the strongest underground music followings in the world when his second album was leaked.  He was able to travel across the world touring on an album that never got released, increasing his fan base with every show he performed across the entire globe. He has played on many stages, worked with the best producers, musicians and composers this world had to offer. Yet, of all of the works he has created, A Love Surreal is his best work ever. Nothing done before has really encompassed the life and artistry of Bilal quite like this album. This record shows that his sound, his music, his creativity is finally taken stage and form. A Love Surreal is more than music, it’s a story about love; both its joys and its trials. Let’s delve into what is truly Bilal at his best, at his core: A Love Surreal

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