The Food: Soho Is A Go Go For Good Eats

Great places to eat in any city are often not found in the most populated or most frequented areas.  Here in Atlanta, in the many different city sectors and suburbs, that story rings true.  One area in Atlanta that has become a budding restaurant hub is the area of Vinings.  With new development, hip restaurants and an influx of eclectic professionals and artists, Vinings is becoming one of most prized hidden gems, but it’s still under the radar. Yet, it is growing and has a small culinary scene that should be noticed by all who travel through.  With each restaurant serving their own brand of cuisine and specialty, there is a place that everyone can enjoy. Yet, there is one place that all can come and find an intimate dining experience, and that would be Soho Restaurant.

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The Review: Chantaé Cann Shines Her Light With Her Voice

Today we live in a world full of action.  Movement from every direction excites our attention and draws our eyes in every direction. Chaos is more entertaining and flashing lights brighten the curiosity of what is happening beneath them. Originating from the performers like Michael Jackson, Sam & Dave and Elvis Presley, music audiences have become more increasingly enchanted with the act or performance, and not the vocal instrument.  We’ve grown from a listening community who loved instrumental marvels and vocal acrobatics and strength, to multiple dance routines simultaneously happening at the same time, digital light show phenomenon(s) and vigorous shaking and gyrating across the stage.  Yet, there was a time where an amazing voice could capture your heart as well as your emotion.  Where the fluctuation of her notes or the change in the key when they sing, would mimic the shift of emotions when telling a story through song. Singing a high notes would signify a climax or excitement, while singing a low note may speak to calm or reserved emotion. Singing soft or loud could change the way you felt when hearing a song. Many subconsciously fade away from the notion that the voice is actually an instrument in itself… Well it is, and one of the young musicians who play their vocal instrument so exquisitely, is none other than… Chantae Cann…

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The Food: Serpas Restaurant | A Taste Of The Best Of The South

                Atlanta is a much of a big town as it is a metropolitan city.  For all of the urban development, expansive growth and the many different suburbs and city sectors, Atlanta still has the southern township feel, moving a lot slower than what you would expect a major city to move.  Nestled in the heart of the south, Atlanta is by far the shining star of the region below the Mason Dixon line. One of the oldest districts in Atlanta is the Old Fourth Ward district, which has become the city’s most sought after areas and a culinary and artistic innovative area in the Atlanta area.  Many of the areas industrial buildings and facilities have been re-imagined and redeveloped to house restaurants, offices, and artistic facilities and art venues. One of those buildings is Studioplex, a redevelopment that was once a cotton mill and factory, is now a complex that contains condos, office space and a wonderful restaurant that sits out in front of the development; Serpas.  Located right across from a former lighthouse tower, Serpas is one of the city’s best in southern culinary cuisine, and one that if you come to Atlanta, you should never leave without visiting at least once.

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The Music: Russell Taylor Says “I Love You”

My good friend, and soul artist Russell Taylor decided to give the people a love ballad for Valentine’s Day… the song is called “I Love You” and it’s pretty dope… listen below…

The Music: Bilal Releases New Single “West Side Girl”

Check out Bilal’s new single “West Side Girl” from his new upcoming album A Love Surreal below…

The Music: PJ Morton + Stevie Wonder = Only One


 Man…when I tell you I’ve been waiting on a PJ Morton single like this….well it’s finally here. Here is PJ Morton, new member of Maroon 5’s new single “Only One” featuring the legendary Stevie Wonder on harmonica

The Conversation: Music Addikt’s 1st Hit Listening W/ Dwele

If you missed the 1st Hit Listening Lounge with Dwele presented by Music Addikts, here is the interview in its entirely here, also located on

Also catch more of the 1st Hit Listening Lounge series presented by Music Addikts at

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The Food: Floataway Cafe Is An Atlanta Getaway

            One of the unique things about Atlanta that is never publicized about the city is that it has a vast amount of small hideaway gems scattered throughout the metropolitan area. From restaurants to boutique shops, lounges and art galleries, there are quite a few places to venture in Atlanta that makes the city a great adventure for nomads and treasure seekers who look to get away from the mainstream hype. When it comes to music and food, I can proudly say that I am one of those adventurers that look to seek or discover places where good music lives and good food is created. Cooking is an art form within itself, and those who truly master the culinary art create from a soulful place located in their temple of humanity and create some the greatest artistic, enjoyable moments of a lifetime.  Upon me looking up restaurants to try and experience you Atlanta eats, I found a place called Floataway Café, and stumbled upon a gem in Atlanta cuisine. So, I decided to give it a try, and I was delightfully and pleasantly surprised, and so were my dinner guests as well.

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The Food: Parish Restaurant Offers A Taste Of Home

                There is always an opportunity to enjoy a wonderful experience with friends.  Most of us choose to have a great number of those moments shared over a meal.  It’s something about having comfort food, which lays the foundation for a comfortable evening.  As your body’s appetite is fulfilled and its craving at eased by the warmth of carefully prepared and constructed cuisine, it allows your mind, attention and focus to be pointed towards those at the table, and not your stomach.  Well, I would hope to bring to your attention a quaint restaurant in the heart of the Virginia Highland area of the city of Atlanta that can accomplish that for you, a place rightly named Parish.

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The Music: Foreign Exchange Releases Single “So What If It Is”

 New single from the group The Foreign Exchange… Phonte & Nicolay releasing a new project called The Reworks, a 2-disc compilation of the group’s music that has been remixed by some of today’s biggest producers in hip hop, soul and independent music… This is the first release from the compilation…

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The Music: Musiq Soulchild New Single “Like The Sun”


All I know is that I just heard this…and now it’s on repeat… “Like The Sun” by Musiq Soulchild…bananas

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