The Music: The Floacist Reveals Her “Soul”

New music from The Floacist called “Soul”… Click on the link below to hear the record…

The Floacist – Soul

The Music: Muhsinah Says “Goodbye”

New music from soul singer, songwriter and producer Muhsinah called “Goodbye”

The Picture: Eric Roberson Let’s Go Of His “Male Ego”

New video from Eric Roberson for his new single “Male Ego” featuring Hezekiah…catch the making of the video up top, click on the link below to see the full finished version…

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The Music: Lance Leads You To Freedom, “UHURU”

New music from a brand new artist, producer and trumpeter Lance Powlis… Trumpet player for Janelle Monae’s band… His has created his own music and releasing his first single called “UHURU” which means freedom in Swahili… check it out…

The Conversation: Rich Medina Talks About How Philly Made Him

One of my favorite DJ’s of all time, Rich Medina, speaking at the TEDxPhilly event in Philadelphia…Art is more than just music…

The Music: Jeanne Jolly Gives You That “Sweet Love”

New music from Foreign Exchange Music artist Jeanne Jolly called “Sweet Love”

The Music: DJ Apple Jac Gets You “Stuck In The Golden Era”

Check out this new mix by DJ Apple Jac called “Stuck In The Golden Era”, giving you classics from the golden era of hip hop…

The Music: New Artist Tanek Montgomery “Lovin You Better” & “Hey Girl”

I just got wind of this new artist Tanek Montgomery out of Los Angeles… He has a new single out called “Hey Girl”, click the link below to check it out. Yet, I am really feeling this joint called “Lovin You Better”… check the link below….

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The Picture: Lenny Williams Sends “This Is For The One That Got Away”

From the man that made you say “Oh…Oh…Oh…Oh…Oh…Oh…Oh…Oh…Oh…Oh…Oh…Oh…Oh….” Mr. “Cause I Love You” himself Lenny Williams is making a comeback with a new video for his single called “This Is For The One That Got Away”…

The Music: Being A Half Mile Home Always Feels “So Good”

Check out this independent gospel group Half Mile Home with a new single called “So Good”, bringing back that traditional gospel sound with a modern flair…

The Music: Choklate Gets Fly + New Single “Wide Open”

Check out this promo for Seattle born soul singer & songwriter Choklate on her new upcoming LP called FLY…also, click the link below to hear her new single “Wipe Open”…beautiful music

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The Picture: The Floacist’s New Rendition of “Say Yes”

The Floacist, Natalie Stewart, formerly of the international soul singing group Floetry has released a new rendition of the group smash single “Say Yest”, celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the group’s first album Floetic releasing in October of 2002. Say Yes was released as the group’s second single in 2003… Check out this new video….

The Picture: The Crown Of The Boys Makes You “Comfortable”

So I was first to tell you about Tajh of The Boys releasing a new single called Comfortable…now here is the video. Tajh, all grown up with his new single and video from his upcoming album Love Notes: Crown Deluxe Vol. 1…

The Picture: DJ Kemit & Eric Roberson Are No “Fortune Teller”(s)…

The new release of DJ Kemit’s video “Fortune Teller” featuring Eric Roberson from his new LP Everlasting

The Picture: Phonte Fights “The Good Fight”

Phonte’s video for his single “The Good Fight” from the Charity Starts At Home LP…hip hop independent classic….

The Picture: Yasiin Bey + Mannie Fresh is OMGod!!

So aparently… Mannie Fresh, aka backbone of the New Orleans hip hop sound from the days of Juvenile, Baby, Lil Wayne and more…and Yasiin Bey, aka Mos Def, lyrical rock star from the NY based group Black Star, actor and more… They are coming together to bring out a new musical project… Man, when you watch this…it may bring chills…I would never see this coming before…but this might be a game breaker… you decide… thanks to my man Wes Felton for posting this

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