The Review: Sy Smith Gets “Fast and Curious”

In the summertime, everything thing is free and open.   School is over and no one has to worry about class until the fall.  The sun stays out longer, and the beaches are going to be packed almost every day.  Summer is the season of exploration.  You are bogged down with learning in the fall, and bundled up in the house for the cold winter.  In the spring, things are starting to bloom, but with the pollen and allergies, you can’t wait for the rain to come so you can keep breathing.  Yet, when the summer comes, you can play all day.  You can enjoy the breeze from the ocean, the pool party on the shore of the intercostal at night, or the barbeque that will happen every weekend at someone’s house.  Summer is also the breeding place of love… The infamous summer love; it’s so amazing and free, hot and fun, spontaneous and without boundaries, and it feels like you never want it to end.  Yet, summer seems so short, everything moves fast and things seem to end before it gets really good.  It’s the time you want to try something new, experience new things and figure out the things you’ve never known or experienced before… Yeah, summer is the time where everything seems so Fast and Curious…

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The Music: Jarrad Anthony Is Saying “Damn Sista”

Here is Jarrad Anthony releases a remix of his single “Damn Sista” a record that is an anthem of appreciation to every sista out there. This remix features label mate Eric Roberson, as well as Jon Bibbs and Wildmann out of St. Louis… Check out the Future mix below, and there is more…just click on the link below the song and continue….

Damn Sista – Jarrard Anthony featuring Eric Roberson, Jon Bibbs and Wildmann (Future Mix)

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The Picture: Phonte Is Living “The Life Of Kings”

Phonte drops a new video for his single “The Life Of Kings” featuring Big K.R.I.T & Evidence from his latest solo release Charity Starts At Home produced by 9th Wonder. With cameos from the Justus League and Foreign Exchange family…this is what a good hip hop video should be like…even Phonte’s mom gets in the action…

The Picture: Eric Roberson New Video “At The Same Time”

Eric Roberson release a new video for his latest single “At The Same Time”…check it out here

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The Picture: Thundercat Just Keeps “Walkin”

The new bass playing sensation Stephen “Thundercat” Burner has released a new video for his single “Walkin'” featuring big names in the indie soul industry like Flying Lotus and Jack Davey…

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The Music: Columbia Nights Gives You The “Feel”

New music from Columbia Nights, this single is called “Feel”… like a smokey, sexy Badu feel…

The Review: Tracy Cruz Directs Her Own “Universoul Symphony”

The day begins on an island for east of the American mainland.  The sun rises after a long late night pouring flooding the streets of Quezon City.  Now the time passes the mid-day hour life is returning to normal and things are starting to bloom again.  Harmony is an agreement in feeling and opinion; a pleasing combination of elements or components all in one accord.  As the sounds of Red-tailed Tropicbirds and superb fruit-doves whistle in the wind that blows off the shores of the Potipot Zambales beach, the soul of the city is finally awakening and beginning to start its day.  Businesses are operating, people are moving and life is vibrant and very much active.   The afternoon is vibrant with the sound of steps walking through the city, voices of conversations about traditions and family stories and love interjections. 

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The Music: Afefe Iku Has The Blues…

Afefe Iku, the apparent protege of famed house music producer, songwriter and DJ Osulande Yoruba is releasing his own EP on the Yoruba Records label called The Blues…check out the sampler below

The Picture: Joy Denalane Speaks About Being “Free”

I absolutely love this woman and her voice.. Here is Joy Denalane’s first single off of her English of her album Maureen called “Free”. You can get the album on iTunes now…

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The Soul: Happy Birthday Marvin Gaye

Happy Birthday to the Prince of Motown, and my favorite artist of all time, Marvin Gaye…

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