The Music: Eric Roberson Freestyles For Trayvon Martin

Eric Roberson does a freestyle about Trayvon Martin on Monday, March 26th… I am Trayvon Martin

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The Music: Rahsaan Patterson Goes “Crazy” Over Juicy…

Rahsaan Patterson remixes his single “Crazy” for the famous MTume smash hit “Juicy”… it’s crazy…literally

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The Music: Afro Blue Gets “AnutheGIANT” Remix…

This is a remix of The Robert Glasper Experiment’s song “Afro Blue” featuring Erykah Badu done by Anu-Sun, better known as “AnutheGIANT”, he freaks this joint hard, also emcee’n on the track as well…

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The Music: Algebra’s Says “I Ain’t No Joke”

New music from Algebra Blesset called “I Ain’t No Joke” from her new upcoming mixtape Desert Before Dinner

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The Picture: Coultrain and Black Spade “Teleport” As Hawthorne Headhunters

Check out the new video from the Hawthorne Headhunters (Coultrain & Black Spade) of their new single “Teleport”, produced by Devonwho. Can’t wait for the new album, Myriad of NOW, to drop on 4/10/2012….

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The Music: The Robert Glasper Experiment Has Got The “Fever”

Check out the bonus track from Robert Glasper’s Black Radio album called “Fever” featuring Franco-Morroccan singer Hindi Zahra….

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The Picture: Young Nasir Ebo Shines In His Solo

Sunday sessions at LaRose Jazz Club in Philadelphia hosted a benefit for young pianist, Jordan Williams who will be attending Berklee School of Music this summer. Plenty of Jordan’s music friends showed their support by sitting in during the evening. This video was a solo that ended the night by 11 year old drummer, Nazir Ebo. Look for this cat to be doing some major things in the years to some….only 11 years old…

The Picture: Avery Sunshine Shows Her “Ugly” Side…

Check out Avery Sunshine’s new video for her single “Ugly Part of Me” co-starring Lil John Roberts…a ode to Michael Jackson is found in this video…

The Picture: Mos Def Brings N.I.P. Closer To Home

New video of Yasiin Bey bka Mos Def doing his version of the Jay Z/Kanye West hit single “N1&&@s In Paris” with what he calls “N1**as In Poorest”… Check it out…

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The Review: Robert Glasper Bring Black Roadio Back Part I

In an old studio located in the heart of the urban ghetto of Jamaica Queens, NY; there is an untrained musician who’s listening to the radio sitting on the floor with a saxophone, turning the dial to hear the next song he will learn by ear off the radio.  He turns for hours, but he can’t find anything that peaks his interest to pick up his horn and figure out the notes to.  Meanwhile, a pianist is sitting in an old church rehearsal hall off one of Houston’s busiest streets, practicing some concert music from his days in the music academy… He hears the radio playing out of one of the nearby apartments, but he can’t understand what’s playing, so he heads into rehearsal to get away from the music.  There is a young kid in 5th Ward of Billboard Texas, 3rd coach who is sitting on the corner with two drumsticks and two paint buckets trying to make some change in the summer by playing abstract percussion sounds and fancy cadences to appease the people walking by.  One car stops at the corner blasting this music out of the window and the young drummer tries to play along with the music, but it’s so mundane that his abstract play is hindered by the structure of the song.  A bass player found off of State Street in Philadelphia is jamming in this rundown garage playing licks with a few cats while waiting to perform a gig later on that night.  One of the guys turns on the radio to see what’s playing and everyone’s mood changes because no one hears an actual instrument playing.  They spend hours arguing on whose better and what is real music…everyone agrees what they hear isn’t good and they just turn the radio off… 

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The Review: Robert Glasper Bring Black Roadio Back Part II

The next piece is called “Gonna Be Alright” featuring Ledisi, where Robert plays more of the Fender Rhodes and electric piano in this piece than standard piano.  Robert really features multiple piano sounds in this song. Chris Dave uses the base tom-tom drum, releasing the snares with the lever and more hitting the stick closer to the rim than hitting the snare head, making it sound more like a tom-tom.  This song allows Ledisi to play around; she mainly sings a hook throughout the melody and allows her voice in its richness to stand out.  The Glasper run in the vamp is so sick, but you may not pay attention if you don’t listen beyond Ledisi’s voice.   Derrick Hodge may get hidden in the music, and he may prefer it that way, but his play in this song towards the end of the melody is real nice.  The song ends with dialogue from The Robert Glasper Experiment band and Bilal about the state of music on the radio.  The next record is called “Move Love” featuring King, the fame girl group from 2011 that was a viral sensation with their amazing voices and layered soulful sound.  Chris Dave brings a more delayed hip hop drum beat to this song while you hear the return of the upright piano’s prominence to the melody.  King’s amazing vocals just literally dance over the Robert’s solo like Alvin Ailey ballerinas gracing an Apollo theatre stage on a magical performance. With some auxiliary keys provided by King band member Paris Strother, this is the song that bests exemplifies vocals being used as instruments, something that is almost extinct in major music today. And that is something you will find throughout the record

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