The Picture: For Anthony David, It’s All About Location, Location, Location

Anthony David took a recent trip to Kenya. Check out this inspiring song and video created about his journey in the motherland…. Location, Location, Location

The Review: The Black Power Mixtape Hits Home…

There shall be many trials and tribulations that will occur in the lifespan of a culture. As cultures are cultivated and conformed, constructed and destroyed, redefined and eradicated; you won’t learn much when that movement of people have reached its peak. Yet, you learn the most of the constructs and conflicts of a community in its rise and fall. It is the journey towards prominence and the decline of greatness that you see the innovations and fallacies, the

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The Picture: Marquese Scott Floats With His Dubstep

Check out Marquese Scott aka NonStop has he performs his Dubstep routine to “Pumped Up Kicks” by Foster The People

The Music: Eric Roberson is Picture Perfect

Eric Roberson releases his official first single off of his fall release of the new album Mr. Nice Guy called “Picture Perfect” featuring Phonte of Little Brother and The Foreign Exchange…


The Music: Evan Bourgeois Lasry does it Again feat. Rogiers

New music from soul artist Rogiers as he is featured on Evan Bourgeois Lasry’s new single Again

‘Again’ feat. Rogiers (WAV) by Evan Bourgeois Lasry

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The Review: Phonte Explains Why Charity Starts At Home

As we live in a time where the American economy has found itself in its longest period of economic stifle and recession, poverty rates for ethnic communities within the American border are beginning to rise to levels near pre-revolution times, and the tensions between racial divides are starting to resemble those pre Civil War times; we find America still heavily involved in aiding cultures and civilizations across the globe. There is still heavy international demand for the United States involvement in the rebuilding of 3rd world nations economies while its own financial status suffers. Democratic and Republican debates macerate the television frequencies and display cases on leadership, partisan bickering and adolescent back-biting over power and control in the world’s most perceived largest and influential power. Political rhetoric floods our ears and eyes with the many arguments and conversations detailing the facts and statistics of the commerce sent across this world stemming from our selfish investments in countries to the relationship payments to allies in their time of need and growth.

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The Review: Deborah Bond is Madam Palindrome

Il y a la beauté dans la parole et l’écrit… Words are like colors. They paint the picture of the visions, dreams, tragedies and tribulations we go through in our human walks of life. They can describe almost every emotion, reaction, feeling, and thought we have. Arranging words and syllables in a rhythmic formation creates a symphony much like a well rehearsed orchestra. When you hear those words, the tone of the meaning will paint the canvas of your interpretation pallet to determine the magnitude of the story. When you began to combine musical sound and rhythm when delivering these words and syllables it creates a harmonious vision that reveals the story behind those words. To master this skill is not as simple as people may think. You can’t just put a bunch of words together and try to make them rhyme and think you can instantly achieve this chemistry of words. It takes a particular attention to detail as to what you are describing and what emotions are invoked by certain words and syllables. Yet, from the acres of Yale University, neighborhoods of Edgewood and Cedar Hill, and the spaces of Erector Square and New Haven Museum and Historical Society has emerged a young woman who has honed the craft of songwriting and has now released a creative child to reveal the skill of harmonizing and composing words and sound. Deborah Bond is an artist who has become more than just a soulful voice… she has been elevated to become Madam Palindrome

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The Picture: THIS IS BLACK HISTORY…The UK Shares The Struggle

Wanna thank my girl Rah Fizzle from London for putting me on to this… Check out UK hip hop artists Jody McIntyre, Logic, Big Ben, Jaja Soze, bigCAKES, Genesis Elijah, MC D, Cerose, Big Frizzle, Wordplay, Haze, USG, Rodney P, and Akala come together to make a piece about Black History…produced by Last Resort…

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