The Music: Jazzy Jeff & Mick Boogie for the Summertime II

After their smash Summertime mix last year…DJ Jazzy Jeff & Dj Mick Boogie put out a new summer mix to make your summer official. Summertime 2 is a FREE mixtape, check the link below and get your Summertime on…

The Picture: Zoe Saldana is Colombiana

Check out Zoe Saldana in the new summer release “Colombiana” hitting theatres August 26th. See the trailer below…

The Review: Zo! Just Visiting III Is More Than A Visit

The last thing you remembered was falling asleep from a late Friday night out with your friends. Suddenly the sun peaks through the narrow separation of your eye lids and you begin to stretch while turning over. You left the TV on last night, and when you turn your head you see a re-run of Fat Albert playing on the screen. You rise out of bed and head to the restroom to wake yourself up. After washing your face, brushing your teeth and wiping the crust out of your eyes; you realize it’s about noon on a hot summer Saturday. You make your way to the refrigerator, grab some orange juice or coffee, make yourself some Frosted Flakes and sit on the couch. When you first step outside to check the heat index, you see kids riding on their bikes, young ladies doing double-dutch in the middle of the street, and the neighborhood class clowns playing hop-scotch and tonk on the corner. You take a second look and see the high-top fades and mushroom haircuts that the people are rocking and you catch your neighbor leaving his home rocking a British Knight jump set with the matching kicks. You slide back into your house heading for the mirror to check and see if you still look the same or do you have that rose parted in your haircut you used to rock back in elementary or middle school. You head back in the kitchen to find a small boom box radio playing nothing but New Jack Swing and pop R&B cuts from Freddie Jackson, Glenn Jones, and The Deele. After you pinch yourself to figure out if you are not crazy, you hear a horn blow outside in your driveway.

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